The WGPA have agreed an education partnership with Setanta College to provide discounted rates to members. Setanta College runs a number of programmes in Strength and Conditioning, from short courses to a degree level award using online, home based and on site learning.  They provide nationally and internationally recognised and accredited practical coaching courses. These courses are accredited by the Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI).

The aim of this partnership is to provide our members with the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge to implement state-of-the-art programmes in their chosen sport or area of interest. They consist of the most modern and relevant content, techniques and developments in relation to fitness, strength and conditioning, coaching and management of teams or individuals in sport. To see more about Setanta College CLICK HERE.

WGPA Members can avail of up to 40% discount on any of the following programmes: 

Certificate in Functional Screening and Resistance Training

(consists of the first 3 modules of the BSc in S&C Undergrad pathway)
(Subsequent modules towards BSc also discounted)

Diploma in Personal Training and Strength & Conditioning

Master of Science in Performance Coaching
Consideration for this programme is on application only. Applications to the Setanta College Master of Science in Performance Coaching will be subject to minimum education entry requirements and coaching experience is essential. All applicants are subject to interview. For further detail please contact

Flexible payment options are available, course discount variable subject to payment method. Members interested in learning more are encouraged to contact