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You are eligible to apply for a WGPA Student Scholarship, if you meet the following criteria:
• You are currently a member of the WGPA.
• You are currently a registered undergraduate or postgraduate student on a full time course in a third level institution. 

Applicants are scored on four criteria:
• Personal status
• Sport status
• Management of dual career
• Engagement with WGPA.

The WGPA are committed to ensuring that our members progress and develop professionally throughout their playing career. The purpose of the WGPA scholarship programme is to support our players in managing this dual career; balancing their academic and sporting commitments while representing their county in camogie and ladies football. Credit will be awarded to applicants who have engaged with the WGPA, either as a rep or attendance at events.

Applications have now closed for 2018. Application scoring is overseen by a scholarship sub-group, consisting of 2 WGPA executive members, 2 playing members and 1 independent verifier.

The WGPA presented 32 scholarships in 2017 to ladies football and camogie players from multiple colleges and counties across Ireland. See full story at http://www.wgpa.ie/wgpa-scholarship-presentations-2017/.

The Women’s Gaelic Players Association presented its third level scholarships for 2017 at the Killashee Hotel in Kildare.



The Jim Madden Programme is rolling out again in 2018, a unique, bespoke Leadership programme, in conjunction with the GPA.

Participants are drawn from county hurlers and camogie players, and both men’s and ladies footballers, who are working to develop leadership skills on and off the field. Many of our players already have exceptional leadership skills, which are honed through the experience and resilience developed as elite players in a highly competitive environment. The Jim Madden Programme will now establish a learning pathway for players who wish to develop these qualities which can be harnessed both for their personal development and for the benefit of society. Jim Madden worked tirelessly at club and county level to promote gaelic games and was a central figure in his local community. His daughter Claire is the holder of five senior All Ireland medals with Tipperary while Jim was a selector for four of those victories.

To view more details, download the below link.

Download (PDF, 3.5MB)

Get in touch for more info or if you want to apply – contact info@wgpa.ie. Have a look back at some of the experiences of our members on the programme:

Blog 1

Blog 2

Blog 3

Blog 4

Postgraduate Opportunities

Our postgraduate MBA positions have now been allocated for the 2017/2018 year. If you wish to apply next year, processes and requirements are outlined below. 

The WGPA have partnerships with third level institutions to provide postgraduate scholarship opportunities for our members. Our partners are:

• School of Business in Waterford Institute of Technology

• Kemmy Business School in the University of Limerick

• DCU Business School

Top athletes have an enhanced set of skills in the areas of leadership, teamwork, diligence and strategic thinking that make them ideally suited to study and forge a career in the business field. If you would like any further details, contact us at info@wgpa.ie.

Waterford Institute of Technology

Full fees scholarships are available in WIT in the master of business in the following subject specialisms – accountancy; economics and finance; management; human resources; marketing, and the Executive MBA programme. For more information, please click here http://www.wit.ie/schools/business/courses.

Should you wish to apply for a WGPA WIT Scholarship, please follow the procedure outlined below:

Apply through the PAC system at www.pac.ie. A support guide for this application process is available on the site. Applicants are asked to notify the WGPA of your intended application for one of these programmes (info@wgpa.ie).

University of Limerick

Half fees scholarships are available in UL across a range of postgraduate programmes including financial services, project management, international tourism and risk management. For further information, please click here http://www.ul.ie/business/postgraduate.

Should you wish to apply for a WGPA UL Scholarship, please follow the procedure outlined below:

Apply through the online UL system. Applicants are asked to notify the WGPA of your intended application for one of these programmes (info@wgpa.ie).

Dublin City University

DCU Business School are now inviting applications from WGPA members, for a part-funded scholarship in any of the following Masters programmes commencing September 2016: Business (Management), Business (Strategy), Digital Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Human Resource Management, and Electronic Commerce (Business).

Applicants must meet the criteria for the programme they select. Full details of the programmes and the entry criteria for each can be checked at https://www4.dcu.ie/dcubs/postgradft.shtml.

Applicants should send an email applying for a scholarship place and stating the programme that they are interested in applying for. This email should have a CV and a personal statement attached. The personal statement should be no more than one A4 page in length. It should outline why the applicant is interested in applying for this programme, what they believe they will gain from the programme and what skills and attributes they can bring to a masters classroom. Applications should be emailed to bernadette.mcculloch@dcu.ie. If you need further information, please contact info@wgpa.ie.

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