For the second video in our 2016 BehindThePlayer series, we hear Niamh Kilkenny’s story, persisting through failures to reach All-Ireland gold, and the impact Pearses, as a successful club had on her development into the role model she is today.

Womens GPA have launched another series of videos and articles exploring the stories behind the players, with new partners Elverys Intersport coming onboard to support the campaign. Watch out for more #BehindThePlayer videos and articles coming soon. If you or a teammate have been affected by any of these issues, the WGPA has a support line available 24/7 for members, get in touch.


Our first campaign rolled out initially in 2015 aiming to raise awareness and increase media coverage of the stories behind the individuals who step out on the field of play. We recognise the value of storytelling in building the profile of role-models within our games. Getting to know the players also helps to highlight the challenges they face in reaching their potential and the contribution they make to all areas of society in Ireland.

#BehindThePlayer is a story. Behind the player is a person, a career and a passion. Behind the player is the WGPA.

Our #BehindThePlayer campaign aims to show players as athletes and individuals to help the sporting public to connect with them. We’re encouraging people to recognise and celebrate the stories of our members, beyond what they see on the field of play, raising the levels of interest in them as individuals and raising the profile of our games as a whole.

#BehindThePlayer also places the WGPA as supporters of players as they work to be their best on and off the field.