Name: Róisín Murphy

County / Club / College: Wexford, Shelmaliers, Waterford IT

Age: 26

Current Education Course: MBS  Marketing

Previous Course Studied: BSc. Nutritional Science

Work: I completed the Pure Ambition graduate programme with Glanbia,  2014-2016, and was working full time as a Nutritionist with Glanbia in Research and Development.


Róisín on – going back to postgraduate study:

I decided to pursue a business qualification at a master’s level after discussion with my life coach Marian. The life coaching was part of the Jim Madden Leadership course with I completed over 2017 through the WGPA/ GPA.

The course was very intense, and a lot more demanding than my undergraduate course. It was very different for me as I went from studying and working in science to business, which was like a completely different language!


Róisín on – the next step:

I am not sure yet, I have been working with Glanbia while I studied and the experience has really enhanced my ability in  my current role so  I think there is opportunity to incorporate my learnings into my current role.


Róisín on –  this year on the field with Waterford I.T. & Wexford:

The experience of playing with WIT over the last year has been great. They really are a super group of girls who were very driven and focused on winning the Giles Cup, no small goal after winning the Lynch Cup the year before.  The girls managed the drive and ambition with loads of fun and I really enjoyed the craic over the year too, college football has that special element of being a really high standard and fun still being the main element.

This balance was also influenced by the management team of Kieran, Tom and Ciara who just believed so strongly in the team and the girls ability to win Giles, it was infectious and playing under management with belief like that players confidence soars and it was great to be a part of it.

I feel very privileged that I was a part of it and delighted to have had the opportunity to play another season of college football.

The scholarship set up was great, really professional and along with the coordination of fantastic supports in the WIT area and academic support  Alan’s door was always open for a chat. The scholarship officer also set standards and expectations for the scholarship athletes in terms of training  and gym sessions with improves personal development.


Well we are in the league final against Meath this coming Monday, so that’s the first goal. We worked hard to get back there this year, we lost the division three final to Tipperary last year after extra time in a replay so getting back the final and winning it was the first goal for 2018 and when we achieve that goal we will focus on the next one.

We had some tough losses last year so we have taken them and learned how we need to improve, there is a great atmosphere in camp and a positive approach to everything we do from players and management so I am really enjoying being a part of it. Every day is an opportunity to play and learn with some of the best people I know so I am very grateful for that.

Róisín on – balancing the dual career:

This was very challenging for me as I had college, work, college football, intercounty and my family and friends.  I had a lot to balance so my time management was really important.

I had endless support from my family and friends and great assistance from the WIT scholarship and GAA offices but time management was critical. I always had something to do or something due so balancing meant I learned really quickly to prioritise and the power of ‘to do lists’.

Watching my diet and nutrition allowed me to get through the last 6 months without getting sick. I made sure to take the time to enjoy all the good things that were going on for me too despite the busy periods.

The scholarship gave me the opportunity to really enhance my career prospective and open new doors for me career wise.

Personally I developed a lot of soft skills, team work, people management, listening and prioritisation. Although I thought I was good at these, studying at masters level really enhanced these skills.

It also though me a lot about myself and what I wanted from my life, I think being so busy shows you more clearer who and what is most important to you.


Róisín on – sporting heroes:

Serena Williams and Sene Naoupu – Irish Rugby Player. for their drive, skill and determination to be the best at what they do. In general I admire people who are motivated to continually learn and develop as athletes and people.


Róisín on – advice for interested scholars:

I would advise them to think clearly about the time commitment of the course and while it will surly benefit anyone, consideration of the time and what you may need to sacrifice to do it is important.

Giving yourself time to do it without being under constant pressure is important.

I would advise them to pick a course that steers them further along the career path they have in mind, it was great for me to see the practical application of my learning in work as I went along!

Róisín on –

Most proud of (on or off the field): Playing in a tournament in Amsterdam with the Irish Rugby 7s team, putting on an Irish jersey  and competing at a professional standard was amazing.

Biggest challenge you’ve faced: Believing in myself

3 words to describe yourself: Ambitious, Kind,  Passionate.



These postgraduate scholarships are again available to WGPA members, commencing September 2018. If you’re interested in applying, see Postgraduate Opportunities or contact us