Name: Lyndsey Davey

Teams represented: Dublin and SkerriesHarps

Age: 27

Typical weekly training / game schedule: 1 gym session, 3 training sessions or 1 gym session, 2 training sessions and a match with club or County.

What changes / advances have you seen in the game in the last couple of years? What are the demands like on players and how would you like to see the game progressing?

Within the team, we have better training and gym facilities and we always receive hot food after training, which is something we never used to get. Within the organisation and Dublin, I feel Ladies Gaelic is definitely getting a lot more exposure and coverage with the help of big sponsors such as Lidl and AIG. They are doing a great job at helping to promote the sport. I would like to see more ladies’ matches being played before the men. It was brilliant getting the opportunity to play one of our league games before the Dublin men in Croke Park. I think this gives the ladies matches more exposure, which would hopefully in turn help increase the profile and attendances at our games.

Tell us about your nutrition – does it vary a lot from off season / in season / match day? Any tips?

If your nutrition isn’t good while you are training hard throughout the season, you will definitely feel the effects in terms of your recovery after training sessions and matches. Also, if your nutrition is poor your energy levels will be poor which will have a direct impact on your performance. Good nutrition is vital to allow you fuel your performances and get the most out of your training sessions or matches. Along with a balanced diet, it’s also very important to drink plenty of water and get lots of sleep when you are training hard.

I think being organised is one of the key tips to having a healthy balanced lifestyle. I know a lot of girls on our team would come straight to training from work so it’s important to have healthy food and snacks with you to fuel your body throughout the day. For me the best way of doing this is to make big batches of food whenever I get a chance and storing them in the fridge or freezer for whenever I need them. As I work long shifts, I also like to bring plenty of healthy snacks with me to work such as fruits and nuts or ricecakes with almond nut butter to keep me going in between meals.

A % of every sale of the Be Healthy loaf is going to support counselling, scholarships, personal development and careers advise for players. Sum up what recognition and support like this means to players?

As a player you put in a lot of time and effort and make a lot of sacrifices in order to play and represent your County so it’s fantastic to see the WGPA providing its players with the necessary support they deserve so they can excel both on and off the pitch.

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