Name: Clare Hehir

Age: 19

Teams represented: Inagh Kilnamona, Clare, UL

College: University of Limerick

Course: Biomedical Engineering

“The best part of college life is being part of the Ashbourne team. From the first trial, they were so welcoming. Being part of the team helped me settle into college life straight away. Any questions I had about college life I could go to the girls and they would have no problem helping me out. Being organised helped a lot with managing studying and training.

I have become resilient through playing camogie, being able to recover after tough defeats over the years. It has helped me build strength of character. Team work is a major skill that I have developed from playing camogie. It has helped me a lot through college as all my projects are done through group work. The main advice I would give to younger girls who have to manage exams and sport would be to avoid stress. The time that is spent stressing could be spent planning a schedule and organising yourself.

I’m really enjoying studying engineering as it is such a growing field at the moment. Everyday I’m learning something new as I hadn’t studied engineering subjects in secondary school. My main ambition off the field this year is to learn a lot about my future career during my 8 months of Co-Op which will begin in May. It will be challenging to go into a new workplace and be faced with bigger tasks than college but it will be a new learning experience for me.

In Summary…

Sporting Hero: Fergal Hegarty, All Ireland winner with Clare in ’95 and ’97.

Funniest thing to ever happen: Our UL goalie Roisin Breen let in an own goal in the Ashbourne final in 2017, wasn’t funny at the time but we won in the end. She gets some stick about it every time she steps between the posts.

Favourite team mate/player: Aoife Keane, clubmate, housemate, college team mate, county team mate.

Favourite Manager(s), and why?: I’m going to have to say all of them. I’ve been lucky to have had the best coaches since I began playing camogie who continue to inspire me every session.

Hardest thing and best thing about playing at county level: The hardest thing about playing at county level is the sacrifices that have to be made, like missing family events or staying in on the big nights out. It’s tough at the time but when you think of the long-term goal, it makes it easier. The best thing about playing with the county is the friendships that I’ve made. There’s always going to be girls to support you whenever you need it, whether it’s through the toughest of trainings or helping with whatever’s going on in your personal life.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given: Do what you like and like what you do– Miriam Campion

Favourite interest / talent / hobby away from GAA: Walking the dog

Three words other people would use to describe you: Happy hardworking and honest

What are you most proud of so far (on or off the field!): Getting to a Munster club final with my club last year.

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