Teams represented: De La Salle Minor and Intermediate camogie.
Waterford Minor and Senior camogie.
Presenataion Senior schools camogie.

Age: 18.

Occupation: Student.

Hobbies: Apart from camogie I like to play a bit of basketball and ladies football also.

BeYouBelong Profile

Any big memories from teenage years?
Definitely getting to the Feile club final in Croke Park in 2012 would be a highlight even though it didnt go our way. One of the best weekends of my life.

Any challenges you’ve faced?
Trying to find the right balnce between school work and camogie this year has been tough going.

Who has influenced you growing up?
My dad has been a massive influence and still is. Always very honest and has that bit of vital advice.

How have you changed in your playing career?
A few years ago I saw nothing only playing and training. I never stopped going. Now I understand to a greater degree the importance of recovery and balance between training, matches and rest.

Your defining moments do far?
Playing the Feile All Ireland Final in Croke Park.
Playing on my club’s first adult team in 2015.
My first All Ireland win with Waterford minors.
Winning an All Ireland Intermediate title with Waterford last year.

Quick Q’s

Typical weekly training / game schedule: At the moment with the leaving cert its not as mad as usual but would still be out 2 to 3 times a week between club and county.

Favourite Manager(s), and why?:
Don Mc Mahon and Shane Ahearne.They both have a great ability to have fun while getting the hard work done at the same time. They always bring a great atmosphere and energy to training.

Sporting Hero:
Dj Carey for his skill and speed alone.

Best thing about being an intercounty player:
The chance to play with girls who have the same attitude and drive as yourself is great. Some great friends are also made along the way.

Funniest thing to ever happen:
Hard to nail it down to one but the car journeys last year to and from training and matches with Jennie Simpson and some of the girls were great crack.

Favourite team mate/player:
Tough one to pick just one. Would have to say Aisling Power and Niamh Rockett are great to play beside. Along with everything else their ability to pick out a pass is something else.

Hardest thing about playing at county level: You have to be very alert mentally at all times. Tune out for a second and your chance could be gone.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given: It is just as important for a forawrd to be able to defend because you will get as many scores from turnovers as from clean possesion

Three words other people would use to describe you: I hope that people would describe me as hard working, determined and a team player

The intermediate all Ireland with Waterford last year would have to be one of my proudest moments- A childhood dream fulfilled. Also the junior county title with the club was something special.