Name: Ashling Sheridan

Age: 21

Teams represented: Mullahoran, Cavan and DCU

College: Dublin City University

Course: Athletic Therapy and Training

“Being in final year definitely brings along a lot more workload and stress. I find keeping note of everything I have to do and planning a day ahead helps to keep me on top of things. Overall college life is brilliant and there hasn’t really been much lows, I suppose winning the O’Connor cup this year definitely made the last few years worth it and made final year a lot more enjoyable.

Friendship is one of the best things I’ve got back from sport. The course I’m studying is all about sports injuries so there is a strong connection between playing and getting injured to treating them myself. Football has definitely made me more determined in life and goal driven.

It’s a privilege to be one of the lucky ones chosen to get this scholarship. The WGPA are always offering constant support and especially for students with so much going on between club, college and county football it can get a bit overwhelming and this is a massive help.

So far the 2018 season is going very well, we won both the league and championship with college so that was a great boost. With county were still in the mid league stages and not doing too bad. We made the Division 2 league final last year so that will definitely be a goal this year. Club league and championship hasn’t started yet but like last year we will be hoping to get to the Senior Championship final if all goes well.”

In Summary…

Sporting Hero: My Dad

Funniest thing to ever happen: Knocking someone off stage by accident in a concert

Favourite team mate/player: My Mam and 3 sisters, we all play together in club

Favourite Manager(s), and why?: I can’t choose. Each one has a different quality that I admire, I like them all

Hardest thing and best thing about playing at county level: Hardest thing is probably the level of commitment that is required all year and the best thing is getting to play a long side girls you grew up admiring

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given: Your health is your wealth

Favourite interest / talent / hobby away from GAA: I enjoy the odd gym session or playing a bit of trad music. Also, going for coffee if that’s  considered a hobby?

Three words other people would use to describe you: Sarcastic, Determined and Energetic

What are you most proud of so far (on or off the field!): Winning an O’Conor cup


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