Eleanor Mallon (pictured left)Friday 3rd – l love Fridays. Work is always fun and the weekend is looming!

This Friday, after I got home from my job in Belfast, I headed off to South Derry for a physio session with my old bud, Karen Kielt. (I would highly recommend her) She diagnosed some meniscus damage in my knee. Not ideal coming into championship season, but I’ll work with it.

Saturday 4th – Made the journey to Waterford with Antrim Camogs to kick start our All Ireland campaign. Pretty grim affair. We were slightly better than the scoreline suggested but the emphasis is on slightly. My knee was taped up and I was raring to go… but I’ve had more successful days between the posts! Still, it was nice to get a wee score, even if it was for the other team….

Sunday 5th – I excused myself from early morning club training & I went to mass instead. I had to pray for forgiveness after my performance the day before!

Unfortunately, unlike everyone else, I missed the football & hurling because the wind knocked our aerial out of place & we lost RTE!! Thank god for twitter. All was fixed for 9.30pm though & I got to finally see THAT goal on the Sunday game! Joe Canning – marry me!

Monday 6th – Off I went to work and had a very busy day in the office. By the way, I’m the Communications Officer in an older peoples’ charity called Age Sector Platform – great wee place 👍

After work I drove round to the Ulster Independent Clinic where my da is currently laid up after having a knee replacement. It was a very successful operation for our boy, he thinks he’ll be back out hurling in no time!

After visiting the patient I headed to West Belfast for a club football match. Let’s pretend the reason we didn’t win was because I wasn’t playing… 😝

Tuesday – 6am start in the gym with my strength & conditioning coach. I always feel better after an early morning gym session. I had to have breakfast on the go as I hit the road for work. Another fairly busy day. Once I got home, I was straight out the door again to Cargin for club Camogie training. After that I had to attend a meeting about gear & sponsorship – a task that is taking up a lot of lunch times in work!Eleanor Mallon (pictured 3rd from left)small

Wednesday – Always the worst day for me. By 3pm in work I’m ready to fall over. I left the office at 5pm and drove to the hospital to check in with Dan. He’s doing well, thanks for asking! Then I had to go to West Belfast for Antrim football training at 6pm. Stayed there until 7pm and then drove to Randalstown (30 mins away) for Antrim Camogie training. After training we stayed behind to watch some video analysis in preparation for this weekend’s clash with Kildare. By the time I got home, it was far too late for my dinner, but sure I ate it anyway!!

Thursday – 6am strength & conditioning session … Which I slept in for but better late than never! We did plenty of stabilisation and strength work on my knee so I’ll be grand for Championship at the weekend. My breakfast was waiting for me in the garden when I got home – free range eggs! We currently have a rogue hen. Despite clipping her wings, she still manages to fly over the fence to secretly lay her eggs in the garden. We can’t keep up with her! Anyway, after my days work I came home to do the hoovering and ended up being 20mins late for a challenge match for my club camogs! The things you get away with when you aren’t playing! I actually feel a huge difference this week from not training or playing matches – I performed so much better in the gym both mornings because my body wasn’t in pieces for a change.

Friday – This is my last day until 20th July, so instead of finishing this ‘diary’ I better get some work done! Tomorrow I am off to Kildare with Antrim camogs. This is a must win game for us, so hopefully we play well and fingers crossed I don’t have any mishaps in the goal mouth and my knee behaves itself!