Friday the 3rd of July:

I have an early start this morning as I am working in Ballina so it’s a 1 hour drive to work. Hurt my knee at training last night so I’m up early to ice it before I head to work. I have a very busy day at work so I have to arrange physio this evening after work with my good friend and club mate Caroline Brennan, also as I am captain this year I have to attend the launch of the Connacht Cora Staunton2championship in Bekan at 7pm tonight. It is a busy evening rushing from physio to the launch, I arrived home around 8:30pm and spent the evening foaming rolling and icing my knee. It was our first Friday night off in a while as were training last night because of club games but I still didn’t seem to have a minute!

Saturday the 4th of July:

Saturdays have definitely become my favourite day of the week as I get to have a sleep in! Usually I am up at 7:30am for work every morning. I get up around 10:30am, my knee is quite stiff and sore after physio last night so first thing I do is ice it and have breakfast. I have a league match with my club Carnacon tonight so I am hoping my knee will be ok to play.

I spend my afternoon in the cinema with my two nieces and nephew watching the Minions Movie.

Our club League Match was against Charlestown. We won the match easily in the end but it was a good workout and it is always nice to get back playing with the club.

Sunday the 5th of July:

Training at 9am this morning so another early start as I have to spin around and collect the crew (Marie, Doireann, Aoife and Erina) for training, once I have the kids loaded up off we go! I carry the club girls with me to most trainings and matches, we usually have great crack and some laugh along the way. Sunday mornings can be a little quieter though as the crew are normally tired and cranky! We have an A v B match this morning, it goes well with everyone coming through uninjured. After the match we have breakfast in the club house kindly organised by Ditzy our physio and after that we do some video analysis with John. After all that is finished I get a rub from our physio and head home in time for the Sunday Game to watch Kerry and Cork in the football and Galway and Kilkenny in the hurling( 5 hours of watching the GAA = the perfect Sunday). I love watching both Kerry and Kilkenny.

Monday 6th of July:

An early start for work this morning, the body is tired and sore after a busy weekend. Team meets up for a kick about in McHale Park where the Connacht Final against Galway will be played .It’s always nice to get into McHale park as it doesn’t happen very often. Kick about lasts about 50 minutes and then we all head out to Breaffy House Leisure Centre for a Swim and a Jacuzzi.

Tuesday 7th of July:

I head to the swimming pool after work for a swim with my two nieces. When I get home I have dinner and I do a half an hour of my strength and conditioning programme.Cora Staunton

Wednesday 8th of July:

Training Session in Breaffy

We are training in Breaffy tonight where we go through our game plan and work on a number of different scenarios. I arrived early to get a rub from our physio. The team is named after training and there are quite a few disappointed players. As captain and one of the older players I say a few words after and talk to the girls about Sunday’s game.

Thursday 9th of July:

Thursday was a very busy day at work with quite a number of meetings.  I head to the swimming pool for a light swim and stretch after work. I collect my nieces and bring them to playground to keep my mind off Sunday’s game. After that I have a relaxing evening at home and I do some stretching and foam rolling before bed.

Friday the 10th of July:

Training at 8pm it’s the last session before the big game on Sunday, we do a short session and everything goes well. We have a quick meeting afterwards to sort out our itinerary for the weekend and Frank speaks to players both collectively and individually about their roles for Sunday and reiterates points made over the last few weeks. I am confident leaving training on Friday night that we are well prepared for Sunday’s game.

Saturday 11th of July:

Slept really well last night and feel fresh and ready for tomorrow’s match.  Today is my mother’s anniversary she died 17 years ago today. It is very busy around today as all my family are home with my seven little nieces and nephews running around the place. Spent the day playing with them which is great, it takes my mind off the game. Have a team get together at 6pm where the management go through a few things and talk about the importance of tomorrow’s game, all the girls are raring to go. Watched some of the hurling matches in the evening and went to bed early.

Sunday 12th of July:

Game day and I am raring to go. Get up out of bed at around 9am. I have my normal match day breakfast and head off to mass. Mass today is a poignant one as it is my mother’s anniversary mass. Have a quick chat after mass to all my extended family. We meet in Breaffy for a team brunch and we spend some time foam rolling and stretching. We have few big characters on the team so they keep us entertained and we pass some more time listening to Gilroy and Con Con talk their usual rubbish and give their terrible rendition of “Travelling Soldier”!!!.

Head into McHale Park around 2:30pm. Warm up and feel like we are ready for the battle ahead.

Game goes by in a flash and we are beaten by a late Galway point. I am gutted as I feel we gave a great performance on the day and were very unlucky to lose but fair play to Galway. I speak to the girls after the match saying how proud I am of them today and our attentions now turn to Tyrone in just under 3 weeks time.