This evening at Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs) of both the Gaelic Players Association (GPA) and the Women’s Gaelic Players Association (WGPA), inter-county players voted overwhelmingly to combine the two associations into one 4,000-member players’ association.

The first meeting of the newly combined association was held post the respective EGMs. A Transitional National Executive Committee (TNEC) was established at this meeting.

The TNEC will have its first meeting in January where Executive Officers will be elected including co-chairs.  The TNEC will oversee the direction and strategy until the first Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Q2 of 2021.

At the 2021 AGM a new NEC will be elected which will proportionally represent the association’s female and male members.

As a result of tonight’s decision, changes will also be made to the composition of the GPA DAC Board of Directors, with the desire to achieve a 50:50 gender balance. The current chair Professor Brían MacCraith will lead this process.