Eimear ScallyMonday 10th August 
Start of the working week for me, I’m working between three Post Offices and I’m in Blackpool Post Office from 12-3 today, so I had a lovely sleep in til around 10! Any day I’m in Blackpool, I have a good ole chat with Jim Ryan, Eamonn’s brother, catching up on all the gossip! I didn’t have training tonight so I had a lazy evening between napping and watching Pretty Little Liars, ideal! Only a few days to go to the quarter final against Galway so looking forward to that day out.

Tuesday 11th August 
Slightly earlier start for me, into work for 08:50 in Blackrock. I love socialising with everyone coming in and out of the Post Office so I really do like my job, the girls I work with are great banter too so the day goes by quick enough. Another night off for me on the pitch so I did a bit of stretching and foam rolling at home and the thoughts of leaving cert results in the morning were starting to kick in and I was a small bit nervous! At least all the work and training kept my mind off the day of results for a good while.

Wednesday 12th August 
I rolled out of bed at 08:50 and into my finest GAA gear that was on my bedroom floor and drove into get my Leaving Cert results in my school, Coláiste Choilm. I received my results and I was thrilled! I rang home straight away to tell my mam and dad and my dad was almost crying (he’ll kill me for telling people that). I went training that night in the Mardyke with the seniors and I was hopping with how happy I was, I went out that night into city for a while to celebrate with my friends and drove back home that night.

Thursday 13th August 
Into work for 08:50 in Douglas Post Office, I regretted saying that I’d work, I was absolutely bate! I finished up work later that evening to be welcomed home by a savage dinner made by mam. Spent the evening doing a bit of stretching and catching up on Pretty Little Liars.

Friday 14th August 
It’s pension day in the Post Office so a hectic day in store for me in Blackrock! Not much of a break in the day because it’s so busy but it was good to relax when I got home, I missed club training with the Cork game the day after but I went up for a look and a bit of a chat with the girls.

Saturday 15th August 
It’s game day! First I headed into Cork City for breakfast with my sister and two friends and then onto the bus to head for the Gaelic Grounds in Limerick! The game went well and we came out on top in what was a really tough game. We went for some dinner after the game and headed on home afterwards. The day was a great success and set us up for a semi final against Kerry for Saturday the 29th.

Sunday 15th August 
Waking up, I was a bit stiff and sore so I went stretching and foam rolling as club championship was coming up in the following few days. I spent the day in a food coma after the Sunday roast and watched The Sunday Game (my ideal Sunday). Looking forward to another week of trainings, games and work! The offers for college were coming out soon and I was looking forward to seeing what was in store for me! I ended up accepting Arts in UCC.