At our 2017 AGM, the formation of a new subcommittee, to be known as the Players Council was ratified. The aim of the Players Council is to further improve the governance structure of the WGPA and closer align the views and experiences of players with the work of the Executive.
Players were drawn from across the country, equally between the two codes and from a range of different experiences and professional backgrounds, to reflect the diversity of our members.
The council acts as consultative group and members serving on the Players Council will do so initially for a 1 year period until the next AGM, when positions will be open for nominations.


Players Council Members:

Gemma O’Connor, Cork, Camogie (Army Corporal)

Noelle Healy, Dublin, Ladies Football (Doctor)

Yvonne Byrne, Mayo, Ladies Football (Coach Education Development Officer)

Jennifer Rogers, Westmeath, Ladies Football (Research Manager)

Julia White, Cork, Camogie (Teacher)

Sharon Courtney, Monaghan, Ladies Football (Lecturer & Sports Nutritionist)

Michaela Morkan, Offaly, Camogie (Teacher)

Karen Kielt, Derry, Camogie (Physiotherapist) 

Molly Dunne, Galway, Camogie (Sports Development Officer)

Laurie Ryan, Clare, Ladies Football (Executive, Science Foundation Ireland)

Laura Tracey, Cork, Camogie (Nurse)